Factory Tour

Manufacture Department

Yison currently has 8 production lines in production at the same time, with 160 production employees, which is why our supply capacity and shipping capacity are so efficient. We mainly sell our own brand YISON&CELEBRAT. If you have customized needs, you can contact us in time Communicate with our sales department.

Warehouse Storage

Yison currently adopts the most advanced warehousing management method, no matter in the storage of goods, moisture-proof of goods, packaging of goods, shipment of goods, and shipping of goods into containers, every aspect is carried out according to the highest standards, so that customers can appreciate our products. Don't worry, I look forward to cooperating with us even more.

Shipping Container

Every time Yison is loaded and shipped, the quality inspection department will check the number of shipments, the number of packaging boxes, and the reconfirmation of the box label information to ensure the smooth export of the goods, facilitate the customer to check the goods, and save more time for the customer.

Customer factory Inspection

Yison has been a professional audio manufacturer in China for 25 years. We welcome customers to inspect the factory. We will cooperate with customers to inspect the factory according to the process, so that customers can better trust our products and trust our company's strength.