Does wearing headphones damage our hearing?

        We hear sound because hair cells in the cochlea sense sound waves. But too much noise will speed up the shedding. The main source of noise is poor sound quality, too loud, resulting in too much noise, thus affecting our hearing.


        Some inferior headphones have poor sound quality. In order to feel the effect, we unconsciously increase the volume, which invisibly affects our hearing. In particular, the manufacturer chooses inferior materials to make it, which makes it even more dangerous. Whether it is outdoor running or indoor fitness, it will greatly affect our hearing. The manufacturer's production requirements are not standardized, and inferior speakers are used, resulting in poor sound quality and too low volume. If you want to hear a pleasant sound, then increasing the sound becomes a must.


        Therefore, what really affects hearing is inferior headphones, inferior materials, and the sound of listening to music is too loud, causing damage to the eardrum. It is best to give the headphones a quiet time, listen to the sounds of nature, and light music, which will be better for our hearing.

          It is important to choose high-quality headphones! Therefore, we recommend that users choose a headset that can be used for a long time, rather than a headset that is replaced once a year. So how can you prevent the purchase of counterfeit earphones?

         Brand earphones will have an anti-counterfeiting logo printed on the packaging, and the serial number of each specific product can be found by scanning with a mobile phone, just like the operation of wireless earphones on Apple mobile phones.

         I will teach you how to operate and how to avoid buying counterfeit earphones.

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Post time: Sep-16-2022