How to choose a suitable bluetooth headset?

        How to choose a suitable bluetooth headset?

        1. Usage scenarios;

        2. Special requirements

        1. Use scenarios can be divided into office use; commuting use; driving use; outdoor sports use;

        1.For office use, it is more about the choice of the sound quality, because a good song can make you work better; then I would recommend the YISON TWS-W22. This uses the latest Bluetooth function, and HIFi sound quality music accompanies you about. Tell the connection to use, connect once, connect directly next time.

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        2.For commuting use, more attention is paid to the long standby time. If a Bluetooth headset can let you enjoy the joy of music in 2 hours of commuting time, it can also make you feel a little bit tired after 8 hours of work. If you relax, then it will be a happy thing. We will focus on recommending YISON TWS-T10. The standby time of unilateral earphones can reach 4 hours

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        3.The use of driving and outdoor sports is more about whether the connection is high and whether the standby time is longer. A suitable wireless Bluetooth headset can let you play outdoor sports with peace of mind. Then we recommend YISON TWS-W19.

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        2.Some customers are more focused on the design of the headset and the pursuit of fashion, because a good product, if the design is more perfect, will be happier for the user. Then we will highly recommend TWS-T8. This design is more compact and cute, with long standby time, more comfortable to wear; and easy to carry.

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        Of course, if you have any suggestions or needs for our headphones, you can contact me directly: +8613724159219.

Post time: Sep-07-2022