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In modern life, Bluetooth headphones play an increasingly important role in people’s lives, listening to songs, talking, watching videos and so on. But do you know the history of the development of headset?
1.1881, Gilliland Harness shoulder-mounted single-sided headphones
The earliest product with the concept of headphones began in 1881, invented by Ezra Gilliland will be the speaker and microphone strapped to the shoulder, including communication equipment and a single-sided ear-cup reception system Gilliand harness, the main use is to the 19th century telephone operator with, rather than used to enjoy music. This hands-free headset weighs about 8 to 11 pounds, and was already a very portable talking device at the time.
2.Electrophone headphones in 1895
While the popularity of headphones is attributed to the invention of the corded telephone, the evolution of headphone design is linked to the demand for subscriptions to opera services on corded telephones in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. the Electrophone home music listening system, which appeared in 1895, used telephone lines to relay live music performances and other live information to home headphones for subscribers to enjoy entertainment in their homes. The Electrophone headset, shaped like a stethoscope and worn on the chin rather than the head, was close to the prototype of the modern headset.
1910, the first headset Baldwin
Tracing the origins of the headset, available information indicates that the first headset product to officially adopt a headset design would have been the Baldwin moving iron headset made by Nathaniel Baldwin in his home kitchen. This influenced the styling of headphones for many years to come, and we still use them to a greater or lesser extent today.
1937, the first dynamic headset DT48
German Eugen Beyer invented a miniature dynamic transducer based on the principle of dynamic transducer used in cinema speakers, and set it into a band that can be worn on the head, thus giving birth to the world’s first dynamic headphones DT 48. retains the basic design of Baldwin, but greatly improved wearing comfort. DT is the abbreviation of Dynamic Telephone, mainly for telephone operators and professionals, so the purpose of the production of headphones is not to reproduce high-quality sound.
3.1958, the first stereo headphones targeted at listening to music KOSS SP-3
In 1958, John C. Koss collaborated with engineer Martin Lange to develop a portable stereo phonograph (by portable, I mean integrating all the components in a single case) that allowed stereo music to be heard by connecting the prototype headphones pictured above. However no one was interested in his portable device, the headphones caused great enthusiasm. Before that, headphones were professional devices used for telephone and radio communication, and no one thought they could be used to listen to music. After realizing that people were crazy about headphones, John C. Koss began manufacturing and selling the KOSS SP-3, the first stereo headphones designed for listening to music.
The decade that followed was the golden age of American rock music, and the birth of KOSS headphones met the best time for promotion. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, KOSS marketing kept pace with pop culture, and long before Beats by Dre, Beatlephones was launched as a Koss x The Beatles co-brand in 1966.
4.1968, the first pressed-ear headphones Sennheiser HD414
Distinguished from all previous headphones bulky and professional feeling, HD414 is the first lightweight, open-ended headphones. The HD414 is the first pressed-ear headphones, its serious and interesting engineering design, iconic form, simple and beautiful, is a classic, and explains why it has become the best-selling headphones of all time.
4. In 1979, the Sony Walkman was introduced, bringing headphones to the outdoors
The Sony Walkman was the world’s first portable Walkman device-portable compared to the KOSS gramophone of 1958 – and it lifted the limits of where people could listen to music, which had previously been indoors, to anywhere, anytime. With this, the Walkman became the ruler of mobile scene playing devices for the next two decades. Its popularity officially brought headphones from indoors to outdoors, from a household product to a personal portable product, wearing headphones meant fashion, meant being able to create undisturbed private space anywhere.
5. Yison X1
In order to fill the gap in the domestic audio market, Yison was established in 1998.After the establishment,Yison mainly producing and operating earphones, Bluetooth speakers, data cables and other 3C accessories electronic products.
In 2001, the iPod and its headphones were an inseparable whole
The years 2001-2008 were a window of opportunity for the digitization of music. Apple announced the wave of music digitization in 2001 with the launch of the groundbreaking iPod device and the itunes service. the era of portable cassette stereo audio started by the Sony Walkman was overturned by the iPod, a more portable digital music player, and the era of the Walkman came to an end.In the iPod commercials, the unassuming headphones that came with most portable Walkman devices became an important part of the iPod player’s visual identity. The smooth white lines of the headphones blend with the white ipod body, together forming a unified visual identity for the iPod, while the wearer disappears into the shadows and becomes a mannequin of sleek technology. The use of headphones accelerated from indoor to outdoor scenes, the original headphones as long as the sound quality is good wearing comfort on the line, and once worn outdoors, it has the attributes of accessories. Beats by Dre has seized this opportunity.
In 2008, Beats by Dre made headphones a clothing item
The digital wave of music led by Apple has changed all industries related to music, including headphones. With the new usage scenario, headphones have gradually become a fashionable clothing item. 2008, Beats by Dre was born with the trend, and quickly occupied half of the headphone market with its celebrity endorsement and fashionable design. Do singer headphones become a new way to play the headphone market. Since then, headphones get rid of the heavy burden of technology products positioning, become 100% apparel products.
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At the same time, Yison has also continued to strengthen its investment in scientific research and enrich its product line to provide consumers with more choices.
In 2016, Apple released AirPods, headphones into the era of wireless intelligence

2008-2014 is the headset Bluetooth wireless period. 1999 Bluetooth technology was born, people can finally use the headset to get rid of the tedious headset cable. However, the early Bluetooth headset sound quality is poor, only used in the field of business calls. 2008 Bluetooth A2DP protocol began to popularize, the birth of the first batch of consumer Bluetooth headset, Jaybird is the first to do Bluetooth wireless sports headset manufacturers. Said Bluetooth wireless, in fact, there is still a short headset cable connection between the two headsets.
2014-2018 is the headset wireless intelligent period. Until 2014, the first “true wireless” Bluetooth headset Dash pro was designed, a time on the market followers are many but not sulking, but also had to wait two years after the release of AirPods, “true wireless” Bluetooth intelligent headphones to usher in the explosion period. airPods is Apple’s best-selling accessories in the history of the single product, released so far, occupying 85% of sales in the wireless headset market, the user The AirPods are the best-selling accessory in Apple’s history, accounting for 85% of sales and 98% of user reviews. Its sales data heralded the arrival of a wave of headphone design that tends to be wireless and intelligent.

Technology-based R&D will not be left behind by the times.Yison has kept pace with the times by launching its own wireless audio products and constantly making technological changes to keep itself ahead of the industry.

In the future,Yison will continue to iterate on the technology to provide more consumers around the world with better and more diverse products.

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Post time: Jan-12-2023