YISON Top Selling CB-15 Charging Data Cable Super Speed Data Cable

Short Description:

Model: CB-15

V/A: 2A

Cable Lengthe: 1.5M

Function: Charging & Data Transmission

Material:Nylon Braid /Aluminum Alloy

For Type-C/IOS/Micro

Product Detail

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1. Swing test: the swing angle is at least 90 degrees on the left and right, the swing speed is at least 30 times/min, the load is 200g, and the swing is more than 2000 times.

2. USB interface and connector plugging test: more than 2000 times of plugging and unplugging.

3. Salt spray test: Hardware accessories such as the USB port and both sides of the connector are required to pass the salt spray test for 12 hours.

4. Hanging tension test: bear at least 5KG for one minute.

5. Nylon braided wire is easy to dissipate heat and prevent winding and knotting. Good heat dissipation performance, effective anti-bending and anti-stretching, prolonging the service life of the data cable, using nylon braided wire to make the outer material, reducing the probability of damage and improving customer experience. And no longer worry about entanglement.

6. The light blue plastic core is uniformly used for the USB rubber core, and the metal headgear part is laser-engraved with the brand LOGO to enhance the brand's anti-counterfeiting recognition. The built-in brand LOGO is convenient for customers to sell, and it is more convenient for customers to sell, which can be used as a selling point.

7. Resistant to plugging and unplugging, no rust: The metal shell part adopts anti-oxidation alloy technology to effectively avoid rusting.

8. All-inclusive arc-shaped design, long mesh tail protects against cracking, breaking, and is stronger

10. Two-in-one charging and transmission, give full play to performance, and ensure that charging and data transmission are carried out synchronously

11. Apple head and TYPE-C interface, both front and back can be plugged and unplugged, adapting to the current mainstream mobile phones in the market, with a cable length of 1.5m, which is more suitable for office or game use, charging for office, and games without delay.

12. Support different brands of devices, support synchronous charging and data transmission, adapt to more devices, and adopt the latest charging protocol.

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